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Join More Than 480,000 Professionals Across 19 Segments of the Commercial Real Estate / Finance Industry and Grow Your Business Exponentially !

Join more than 487,000 professionals across the commercial real estate spectrum to build relationships, your network and targeted deal flow. 

CREF Xchange provides a unique platform for commercial mortgage, real estate professionals and investors to connect with those you need to facilitate deals, solve problems and find funding for current or future projects. Our unique platform helps you target and build your network to grow your business with full control of messaging in real time. 

With our unique set of marketing and advertising tools members can find, research and communicate with all segments of the industry as well as acquire new opportunities in real time. Investors, Realtors, Commercial Mortgage Originators, Buyers, Sellers and all other industry segments use our platform to grow their business every day.

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  • Over 487,000 Members
Commercial Realtors

Acquire More CRE Listings, Post Properties For Sale and Connect With Industry Professionals

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CPAs / Asset Managers

Acquire Business Clients, Grow Your Business, Connect With Commercial Professionals

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Title Companies
Title Companies / Reps

Connect With Realtors, Lenders, Brokers Seeking Settlement Services

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Commercial Appraisers
Commercial Appraiser

Connect With Lenders, Brokers, Realtors & Developers and Grow Your Business!

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Commercial Lenders
Commercial Lender Directory

Acquire More Targeted Deal Flow From Brokers and Others In Real Time !

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Commercial Developer / Owner
Commercial Developer/Owner

Connect With Commercial Professionals, Find Funding Sources and CRE Investment Opportunities.

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